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Fuel Tank Relocation Mounts (FTR) for 3rd Gen 4Runner

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A bunch of us 3rd gen 4Runner guys are relocating our fuel tanks from the factory location and replacing them with f150 auxiliary tanks in the rear, where the factory spare tire mount normally resides. While there is still development work occurring in regard to wiring & plumbing, I’ve designed these weld-on fuel tank mounts to facilitate the actual physical installation of the tank itself.

  • Allows you to install an F150 tank to the rear of the rig
  • Solves issue of driveshaft rubbing against fuel tank
  • Solves the issue of drivers side suspension lean
  • Protects your fuel tank since it is no longer in the middle of your rig (where rocks tend to hit more)

F150 Fuel tank not included.

- requires welding for installation.