• 3rd Gen 4Runner IS 300 Steering Wheel Swap (1996-2002)

    In this episode we will be getting rid of our old, crusty, two-spoke steering wheel and replacing it with a Lexus IS 300 steering wheel. The process is fairly straight forward. Click read more to see the parts and tools required to perform this job.

  • 3rd Gen 4Runner Quick Disconnect Swaybar End Links

    A quick demo of our quick disconnect sway bar end links for the 3rd Gen 4Runner. Click here to learn more.

  • First Wheeling Trip of 2021

    Started the year off with a very easy trail that has beautiful views and a natural wild hot springs at the end of the trail. During this trip we completely melted our polyurethane bushing from our rear upper control arm due to a bad exhaust design on our part. Lessons were learned that day.